• Commercial Pest Services

    Regardless of your business, significant damage can be caused by insects and rodents. Chem-Tech Pest Solutions understands that keeping your business pest free is of the utmost importance and we realize the impact pests can have on your bottom line.  Unfortunately, your business will always be susceptible to pests – a large volume of foot traffic, regular deliveries and many other situations can create an influx of unwanted insects and critters.

    When you choose Chem-Tech Pest Solutions to protect your business, you’re choosing a treatment plan that will be tailored to your business’ specific needs. Whether you are dealing with spiders, ants, roaches, or anything in between – we can help. Here’s how we identify your pest problem and create a plan to keep them out for good:

    • Thorough Interior and Exterior On-Site Evaluation
    • Identify Pests and Determine their Activity and Entry Points
    • Treat Affected Areas and Entry Points
    • Create an Ongoing Customized Solution to Prevent Future Pest Problems

    Call Chem-Tech Pest Solutions today so we can fix your pest problem and you can focus on your business.