• F.A.Q. & Tips

    Q. Are your pest solution treatments safe for my family, children and pets?

    A. Yes, absolutely! Our services and products are safe for your pets and children. The products that Chem-Tech uses are registered for use in homes with pets and children. All products are applied by a professional pest control professional that meets state and local standards. Our team is required to have sufficient knowledge of the products being used and the proper application methods. In certain instances, such as when a homeowner has fleas, the inhabitants are recommended to vacate the dwelling for a minimum of two hours or until all products applied are completely dried. This procedure minimizes any risks associated with pets or children being in contact with the products applied. It is worth mentioning that the products used by our team when applied in accordance with the label are much safer than many of the products a homeowner has underneath their kitchen sink, or cleaning products stored in laundry rooms or bathrooms.

    Q. What are your prices?
    Chem-Tech’s goal is to give each customer a customized plan. Each service plan takes into consideration your home, pest problem and the surrounding environment. Please contact Marty at 402-720-3042 to discuss pricing for your specific situation.

    Q. Can you help get rid of fleas?
    A. Yes. Chem-Tech has taken pride in providing honest solutions to pest problems for over 30 years. Unfortunately, there is no “magic wand” to provide instant pest elimination and fleas are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, however our team works with you to achieve a 100% success rate. We definitely suggest in being proactive with your pets and prepare in advance for flea treatments. You can expect to see fewer fleas within 24 hours, however you will need to vacuum every day for 7 days and have 2 or 3 follow-up visits done by a professional until the problem is under control. It takes a little effort and persistence to achieve 100% control, but it can be done!

    Q. Do you provide bed bug extermination services and if so, what is the cost?                 
    A. Permanently removing bed bugs is not only an extremely difficult process, and can take time with multiple follow-up treatments. The first part of any bed bug control process is a thorough inspection of not only the areas that are infested, but also adjoining areas. When treatment is needed, pricing will depend on the size of the area as well as the type of treatment needed. Chem-Tech Pest Solutions believes in the importance of communication and we will make sure you understand everything that is necessary in order to guarantee a solution to the problem, while also making sure you are well aware of the financial cost.

    Q. Do you offer Green, Natural and Environmentally-Friendly Pest Solutions?                  
    A. Yes. We offer products that are green, natural and environmentally friendly. Several products we use are made from plant oils and have been researched over and over to ensure consumer safety.  We make every effort to protect the environment while offering you excellent pest solutions.